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1. Login
Before you will be able to search for parts, you will need a webportal account.



When you have a webportal account and know your password, you have to login.



2. Search for parts

After logging in, you can search for parts.



3. Add to cart

After searching for the desired partnumber and quantity, you will see the availability, price, box qty and leadtime.

With the cart icon you can add the parts to your shopping cart.



4. View cart

After adding the parts succesfully to your cart, you will see the notification as below.
You can click the button “View cart”, or click the Shopping cart icon at the top of the screen, to go to your Shopping Cart overview.
Since the launch of this new webportal, it is possible to order multiple products in one single order, even from different Facil branches.



5. Shopping cart overview

In the cart, you can check the partnumber, description, pickup location, pickup date, box quantity and prices.
In this screen, you are also able to change quantities if needed.


If you have multiple products in your cart, the product with the longest delivery time will determine the delivery time of the entire order. In the checkout screen you will be able to change the date if possible. If there are products that cannot be waited for so long, they should be ordered in a separate order. It’s not possible to have multiple pickup dates in one order.


Click the “Checkout” button, to proceed to the checkout screen.



6. Checkout overview

In the checkout screen, you are able to check the total overview of your order.


You will also see the CoO (Country of Origin), box sizes and weigth for the parts, and will be able to change the desired pickup dates. For delivery times within the next 3 months, a later pickup date may be selected at your discretion. For delivery dates further in the future, it is not possible to choose the date yourself.


Also, you are able to fill in your reference, choose the right transport and payment method, and you have to accept our terms & conditions.




7. Confirm order

After you click the button “confirm order” and the payment is finished (or in case of on account), you will receive an order confirmation by email



For all new functionalities and updates to the webportal, please check our Release notes
If you encounter any problems or would like to suggest any improvements, please let us know.